Facts about 2CL in person

This quarter I reduced the TA load significantly compared to previous in-person quarters, as detailed below. Most importantly, this quarter

  • The last 4 (four) weeks of the quarter there are no in-person labs!
  • When doing in-person labs, the number of sections the TAs had to be in-person was reduced from 3 to 1.5 and then to 2.25, after students couldn’t complete their labs, because there was no TA to answer their questions.
Fall 2018Spring 2019Fall 2021Notes for Fall 2021
InstructorKaixuan NiJBJB
Syllabus and Schedule PDFSyllabus/
& Schedule
& schedule
Sections per TA3 33, 1.5,
number of sections per week of TA in person
In-person labs1+71+61+5
Remote labs001two-week lab into one lab, remote 2h per TA over 4 weeks.
Number of reports to grade877
Grading formatpaperpaperonlinestudents upload their work to Gradescope
Weeks of in-person labs1086For four weeks, TAs don’t set foot in the labs,
no lab prep. time either.
Weeks without
024No in-person labs for 4 weeks.
Lab exam110No lab exam
Written exam01 (blue book)1 (scantron) or 0Likely we won’t have a written exam.

During the pandemic some instructors dropped the LCR lab, basically all Physics students went through 2CL without doing an LCR lab! I taught 2CL remote in F20 and kept the LCR lab as a “lab exam”.

On Winter 09 (Shpyrko) the number of sections per TA was 4 (four).