Julio T. Barreiro (PI)
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Assistant Professor of Physics
Affiliated Faculty Chicanx & Latinx Studies
Khang Ton
Physics Graduate Student (5 yr)
Grady Kestler
Physics Graduate Student (4 yr)

Tyler Goodman
Physics Graduate Student (3 yr)

Robin Glefke
Physics Graduate Student (2 yr)

Will Brunner
Physics Graduate Student (2 yr)

Robert J Sedlik
Physics Graduate Student (1 yr)

Kelsey Mcdougall
Physics Undergraduate Student

Jacob Soteras
Physics Undergraduate Student


Owen Santoso G, rotation, tweezers AWG programmin

ENLACE 2022: Itzél Alcalá Rivas, Alejandro Hernández García, Mariel Quintana Hernández, Alejandro Guadarrama García

Paul Lauria
Physics Graduate Student
Graduated Spring 2022, built from scratch a complete ultracold strontium experiment producing degenerate quantum gases, spin-momentum lattices and atomic clock experiments.
Afterwards: building an ion trap quantum computer at Quantinuum
Xuanqiang Zhao UG, advanced fpga programming
Mani Amani UG
Ashley Gerlek UG, beaglebone black
Ashley Warner UG, beaglebone black
Dominique Meyer UG, beaglebone black, arduino, bitter coils
Jonathan Hernandez UG, beaglebone black, FPGA programming, magnetic field coils
Connor Frankston UG, beaglebone black
Hans Singh UG, Lab T/H monitor, pointing stability, fiber splitter
Kyle Lewis UG, DDS programming
Brittney Vierra UG, BBB-DDS pcb design and assembling pcbs
Andres Padilla     Undergraduate student (UG)