Young Physicist Program

I’m currently the faculty sponsor of the Young Physicist Program at the Department of Physics, University of California San Diego

Our work has been featured by UC San Diego News: Thinking on Egg Shells • Scientists-in-the-making learn STEM skills as part of physics outreach program

High-School Internships

We have started hosting highly selective internships with High Tech HighChula Vista. For the internship of Spring 2021, Grady Kestler was the instructor and mentor.

ENLACE Summer Research Program

As members of the CaliBaja Center for Resilient Materials and Systems we host students from the ENLACE Summer research program lead by Prof. Olivia Graeve
Summer 2021: Project 5: Introduction to python, quantum computing, and a matter-wave gyroscope. Lead by graduate student Grady Kestler.


Prof. Barreiro is a faculty mentor for the Cal-Bridge program.