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The second half of the quarter focuses on a creative project. Midway through the quarter, a project proposal is evaluated considering feasibility, appropriate level, and available resources. Discipline and steady progress (tortoise preferred over hare) are important to seeing the project through, as well as good communication/coordination with partner. During the time scheduled for the final, a demonstration of all projects takes place. Performance on the project accounts for the remainder of the grade, with some consideration toward noted presence in the lab.

Fall 2017 projects, in order of presentation:

  1. Report Video Machine Vision Robot (MVR) by Trevor McCleery & Jansen Quiros
  2. Report Video Smartphone Locker by Junying Huang & Fangjie Zhou
  3. Report Video Portable Temperature Probe by Elliot O222Connor
  4. Report Video Whiskers by Jordan James & Morgan McCune
  5. Report Video E-lejandro the Electronic Elephant (EEE) by Kaitlin Anagnost & Alex Newberry
  6. Report Video A Trash-catching Trash Can (AT&T) by Heng Quan & Juan Ramirez
  7. Report Video Anti-Collision car (ACC) by Chujiao Cai & Chen Wu
  8. Report Video Self-teaching Instrument by Justin Au & Josh Ruby
  9. Report Video Edge Detecting Image Copier (EDIC) by Eric Fisher and Hongrui Wu
  10. Report Video pH by Rivver Gonzalez & Frankie Martinez
  11. Report Video In Retrospect (InR) by Aditya Gadam & Walter Garay
  12. Report Video Eco-travel Bot (ET-BOT) by Gerardo Jimenez & John Merle
  13. Report Video Midi Controller (MIDIC) by Tyler Lestak & Omri Levia
  14. Report Video E-va Cup (ECup) by Angela Chen & Joanne Hsu
  15. Report Video Noodle Fan by Yutong He & Wenbo Zhou
  16. Report Video Real-life Pong by Walker Stevens & Julio Sachs
  17. Report Video Mr Meeseeks Head (Meeseeks) by Danielle Lafarga & Daniel Yi
  18. Report Video Two-step verification box by Lily Ouyang & Marcus Thuillier
  19. Report Video PID Controlled Ball on Stewart Platform by Mustafa Ali & Adolfo Guerrero
  20. Report Video Eugene the Quadruped Spider (EQS) by Kayla Chung & Kylie Sagisi
  21. Report Video Self-Balancing Robot (SBR) by Albert Richardson

Winter 2017 projects, in order of presentation:

  • Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Visible (ATFLIV) by John Phillips and Lee Robinson, report
  • self-Balancing Autonomous Bot (sBABy) by Jeffrey Clark and David Moore, report
  • CaR In a Smart MAze (ChARISMA) by William An and Christopher Chung, demo, report.
  • Julianne Stingray — Bartending Bot by Andrew Nguyen and Alexander Shakouri, report
  • DrIVE Safe (DIVES) by Alex Fields and Francisco Moran, report
  • SPeech Controlled Car (SPEC2) by Kyle Lewis and Alina Vorobyova, report
  • Finder-LAser Star Hand 3000 (The FlaSH 3000) by Yamen Mubarka and Nils Rundquist, report
  • Doggo by Corlin Palmer, featured on Shitty Robots (video), report Winner of the best project or result, the “respect” award
  • The Haunted Safe by Mike Michniuk and Lemmuel Silmaro
  • Self-CorrectiNg vehicle (ScaN) by Bryan Liang and Biyang Yu, report, code available
  • Smart LIght Guided Hovercraft (SleIGH) by Amar Jyothiprakash and Samuel Oberlies, report
  • Columbus with Bluetooth — a simple wireless map maker by Eunjoo Park and Zheng Zhang, report
  • Eye MOTIon CONtrolled light (EMOTICON) by Kayleigh Brook and Zulfar Ghulam-Jelani, demo,report
  • Drum Robot “John Bot-ham” by Brian Trenkle and Elias Turner, report Winner of the most impressive project or “bomb” award

Winter 2017 extra project (and credit) by Corlin Palmer, space invaders in 1D, TBA.


For older projects, see Fred Driscoll’s page from the years 2000–2011.

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